*What is a Homeowners' Association?


A Homeowners' Association is established by the Developer when the subdivision is built. We are governed by a Code of Regulations, Articles of Incorporation, and the Declarations of Restrictions As to Land Located in Apple Blossom Farms Plats 1-7.


A Homeowners' Association has several purposes.  They collect dues, contract and pay for maintenance and landscaping of common area, schedule neighborhood events, and if needed will contact the road maintenance and streetlight departments when repairs are necessary.  There are several standing committees including Landscaping, Newsletter, Welcoming New Neighbors, and a Neighborhood Directory.  The Architectural Control Committee provides a very important function, which is to enforce deed restrictions. 


Deed restrictions, which are part of your property records and are legally binding, provide a means to control what can be built and how homes must be maintained.  These restrictions help to keep property values high.


*How did I become a member of the Association?


You automatically became a member when you purchased your home. 


*Who administers the deed restrictions?


An Architectural Control Committee, comprised of homeowners, reviews proposed improvements to properties for conformance to the deed restrictions and monitors property maintenance throughout the subdivision.   While it is rare to have to resort to legal action, the Association is authorized under Ohio law to do so. 


We hope that by posting the deed restrictions on this web site, legal action will never be necessary.  Residents will have a clear understanding of what needs to be approved prior to building, and that they need to keep their homes and lawns maintained to conform with the deed restrictions.


*Who runs the Association?


The Association is composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine Trustees.  The terms are staggered so that three Trustees are elected for a three-year term at the Annual Meeting in October.  There is a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. There is an Architectural Committee appointed by the Trustees.  There are also standing Committees mentioned in the first section.  All positions are volunteer positions.


*How are the annual dues determined?  What happens if I don't pay?


The Treasurer keeps records of dues collected and expenditures.  A budget is established for the upcoming year, and the next year's dues determined.  The amount of the dues is then voted upon at the Annual Meeting in October.  At the October 2016 annual meeting a vote was taken for the dues to remain at $75 annually.


If you do not pay your dues, a lien will be placed on your home for the amount of the dues and filing fees ($150 total).


*Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalks and fencing along Apple Blossom Drive?


If your property borders Apple Blossom Drive, keeping the sidewalks cleared and maintained is your responsibility.  The fencing is also your responsibility. 


The Association will, however, reimburse property owners for new fence posts (posts only, no labor) for the fencing along Apple Blossom Drive if they are to replace the ones originally installed by Apple Blossom Farms Development Co.  




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