Architectural Review


Virtually all newer subdivisions have a provision in their deed restrictions requiring the written approval of the Architectural Review Committee prior to installation of all proposed “improvements”.   Requiring written approval ensures that exterior improvements conform to guidelines established in the deed restrictions. 


There has been some concern that many neighbors are not aware of the guidelines.  We are providing information about the Architectural Review process, as well as a list of Neighborhood Standards, which were established by the Apple Blossom Farms Development Company in the deed restrictions, and monitored by the Association.  Together, the Architectural Approval requirements and the Neighborhood Standards help to keep our neighborhood attractive and our property values high.  


Currently the Architectural Approval Committee is comprised of Terry Loar (865-4184) Larry Mack 867-8829).


We would appreciate everyone’s cooperation in requesting a review when contemplating any of the projects listed below.  The following improvements require approval by the Architectural Approval Committee prior to installation:


Sheds                           Decks

Patios                           Pools

Driveways                   Fences             

Hedge Walls                Additions

Satellites dishes        Basketball hoops (permanent)


We have a Shed Specification sheet prepared showing the construction requirements, which is available upon request.  All requests for review for any of the above-listed improvements should include a plot plan of your lot and home, and where the improvement will be placed.   Keep in mind that some of these improvements must also conform to the local zoning ordinance.


Please note that permanently installed basketball hoops cannot be installed in any area from the front of your house to the street, including that area of the driveway.  Portable, removable basketball hoops are allowed but must not block the sidewalk.


Any fencing other than split rail less than 5’ in height needs to be approved. Chain link fencing is expressly forbidden in the deed restrictions.


Please send an e-mail to  the Association using the "Contact Us" link to begin the review process.  You will receive approval in writing.  You are required to wait until you have written approval before starting your project.


Neighborhood Standards



1.    No boats, trailers, recreational vehicles,  or trucks (except pickup trucks not exceeding 1 ton and window and panel vans not exceeding 1 ton) shall be parked in the streets of Apple Blossom Farms, or stored at your home unless they are stored within your garage.   Article II.9 of Declaration of Deed Restrictions).               


2.      Permanent basketball hoops can only be installed in your side or back yard.  


3.     Lawns must be maintained to a reasonable  standard.      (Article II.12)


4.   Trash cans must be kept in your garage or in an enclosure deemed appropriate by the Architectural Review committee.    Trash cans should be put out on the curb no more than 12 hours prior to pickup and must be removed from the curb no more than 12 hours after pickup.  (Article II.10).


5.     Pets should not be a nuisance to neighbors.             (Article II.7).

6. No above-ground swimming pools are allowed in Apple Blossom Farms, with the exception of above-ground swimming pools that are classified as "children's wading pools", and have a depth of less than 24 inches.

Please do your part and adhere to the Association deeds and regulations.


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