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 Monthly Homeowners Association Meeting 

The Monthly Apple Blossom Farms Homeowners Association Meeting will be on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at the Firepit Grille located at the front of the subdivision at 7:00 p.m. All residents of Apple Blossom are welcome and encouraged to attend all homeowners' association meetings. Please join us!
 Annual Fall Homeowners Party

The Annual Apple Blossom Farms Homeowners Association Party will be on Sunday, September, 9, 2018 at the Firepit Grille located at the front of the subdivision from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. A food buffet will be provided for residents and their immediate families; if they make a reservation in advance. We must know in advance so we know how much food to have them prepare. Drinks, and any item you wish to purchase off their regular menu; is at your own expense. If you would like to eat from the buffet, please contact Sherri Moton at 419-509-3736 or, no later than August 31st. We hope to have a great turnout!

 Annual Homeowners Association Meeting 
The Annual Apple Blossom Farms Homeowners Association Meeting will be on Monday, October 15, 2018, at the Springfield Township Hall on Angola Road at 7:00 p.m. We will be electing new officers and discussing important issues regarding our neighborhood. Please mark your calendars and plan on attending this worthwhile evening.

                        Neighborhood Garage Sale

The neighborhood garage sale will be held only once in 2018 during the Macqueen's Apple Butter Festival. This occurs usually the first weekend in October (festival is 6th and 7th; so garage sales 4th-7th). Please feel free to have your own garage sale and post your own signs any other time throughout the year.

                             Late Night Problem X 2

In the past, many neighbors have reported problems to the association and some have filed reports to the sheriffs office for issues that have happened at night in the neighborhood. Besides the prior late night door bell ringing, rock throwing, egging, and other issues, there has been theft reported. This theft has been due to homeowners' accidentally leaving their garage door openers open at night. We have been known to be a very safe neighborhood, but if we leave our things open for the taking, people have been helping themselves. Police reports have been filed, but items are unlikely to be found. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR GARAGE DOORS ARE PUT DOWN AT NIGHT!  Please be alert late at night if you hear strange noises; for your protection and for your neighbors. The doorbell ringing seems it may have improved so far the summer. Please report anything suspicious going on in Apple Blossom to the Sheriff's Department. Thank you.

                                        Neighborhood Directory

New Apple Blossom directories were delivered in 2017. If you are a new resident to the neighborhood or did not receive one, please contact Linda Williams at 419-868-6348, or send us a email through the "Contact Us" link above.


Please be courteous when walking your pets in the sub-division.  Please carry the necessary item or items with you, and if they need to defecate, please kindly clean up after them. 

                                            Above-Ground Pools

No above ground swimming pools of any type are allowed in Apple Blossom Farms Subdivision.  Large inflatable pools that stand alone or come with a large water slide are not permitted in our subdivision. Small children's wading pools with a depth of 24 inches or less will continue to be allowed.

                                Deed Restrictions

Deed restrictions may be obtained on the internet at by clicking on the "Property Info" tab, Lucas County, Subdivision Restrictions, and typing  "Apple Blossom" in the search box.

                                                           Please Read!

Thanks to all of you who help to make our neighborhood a great place to live!  While most neighbors observe and comply with our deed restrictions, unfortunately there are some who do not.

ince we have received some complaints, we have decided to begin sending notices by mail to those neighbors who are in violation of the deed restrictions.   

The following items bring the most complaints:

 1.  Neighbors storing their garbage cans outside of their garage.  

Garbage cans are to be kept inside your garage or in an underground enclosure.    An above-ground enclosure will be allowed if it is inconspicuous and completely hides the garbage cans from view from the street and from all of your neighbors, including those living behind you.                            

2.  Permanent basketball hoops.

Permanent basketball hoops can only be installed in your side or back yard, not in front.  Portable hoops are preferred

3.  Campers, boats and trailers stored at residences.

RV's, boats and trailers cannot be parked anywhere on your property or in front of your home.  They must be kept in your garage. 

4. Trucks larger than a 1 ton panel van or a 1 ton pickup truck may not be stored in your driveway or in the streets of Apple Blossom Farms.

5. Lawns must be maintained to a reasonable standard.                       


                With everyone's cooperation, we hope the need to send letters will be infrequent.  Please remember that the deed restrictions are in place for a reason; to help keep our neighborhood attractive, and our property values high.

If you live along Apple Blossom Drive......

We would like to remind all property owners that border Apple Blossom Drive that maintaining and clearing the sidewalks of snow are their responsibility.

Repairing fences along Apple Blossom Drive is also the responsibility of those property owners.   The Association will reimburse those property owners for original fence posts only, no labor.

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